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公司采用集芯片設計、芯片制造、封裝測試、直銷、售后服務于一體的垂直整合一體化生產經營模式,更成為國內半導體企業創新發展的成功典范。公司通過ISO 9001:2008質量體系認證,公司產品通過UL,TüV,RoHS,PAHs等檢測認證。

YI XING JIE XIN SEMICONDUCTOR Co.,Ltd. is established in 1998. JXIN SEMI is a high & new technological company supported by China government , location in Wuxi city Jiang Su province.

Main products include IGBT, MOSFET which are wildly used in the fields of communication equipment, network equipment, digital TV, civil circuit motorcycle, electric tools, electrical appliances, energy-saving lamps, consumer electronics, automotive electronic equipment and instrument etc.

JXIN SEMI is a successful model of innovation & development in Chinese Semiconductor Industry by its business model combing product design, wafer fabrication, packaging & testing, sales & service together. JXIN SEMI has passed the standard attestation of ISO 9001:2008 quality system Certification. JXIN SEMI products have been tested through UL,TüV,RoHS,PAHs.

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